Fabienne Frederickson review Get More Clients Coaching Program free video series

Client attraction specialist Fabienne Frederickson has just released a free video series to help you get more clients, easily and effortlessly. In this article we review the first video in the free series on client attraction and marketing. (If you’re impatient to learn more you can grab the videos here.)

If you’re worried about being too pushy in your marketing or hate selling to potential clients then the first video is for you. Fabienne explains how getting your marketing message rights means that clients self-select themselves.

Potential clients recognise you as someone that understands their core problems and has the solution that they want. In other words when you get the marketing message right, clients will WANT to buy from you and you won’t need to push them to buy. Wouldn’t that make life simpler?

Fabienne also explains the importance of making your marketing message crystal clear because “a confused mind never buys”.

This is an excellent marketing video that explains why people will buy from you and the importance of tightly defining your ideal client as well as tips to help you identify the ideal client. Fabienne has a lovely friendly manner which is easy to listen to and she has a genuine love for marketing and people that makes this video a pleasure to watch.

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