How Mike Geary Makes a Million Dollars a Month from eBooks

How Mike Geary makes a million dollars a month from eBooks | ebook publishing and marketingWant to know how Mike Geary makes a million dollars a month from eBooks using online marketing?

Mike Geary is not your typical author. You won’t find his books in your local bookshop or on Amazon. His books sell exclusively online, helped by a team of affiliate marketers.

Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer Mike Geary is a star when it comes to selling eBooks and digital products online. His bestselling Abs Product The Truth about Six-Pack Abs has sold more than 500,000 copies.

Mike’s tips for eBook marketing success are:

  1. Have a strategy to drive traffic to your website
  2. Be generous with affiliates (he offers 75% commission to ClickBank affiliates)
  3. Use Google AdWords to drive traffic
  4. Provide great support to affiliates (he sends regular emails and tips as well as providing comprehensive promotional materials such as articles and the banner above)
  5. Make your customers happy
  6. Track everything and give promotions enough time to monitor trends
  7. Have a variety of adverts, test them extensively then tweak and refine the adverts

Mike also makes great use of video and free eBooks to build his list and sell his products.

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