Fabienne Frederickson review Get More Clients Coaching Program free video series

Client attraction specialist Fabienne Frederickson has just released a free video series to help you get more clients, easily and effortlessly. In this article we review the first video in the free series on client attraction and marketing. (If you’re impatient to learn more you can grab the videos here.)

If you’re worried about being too pushy in your marketing or hate selling to potential clients then the first video is for you. Fabienne explains how getting your marketing message rights means that clients self-select themselves.

Potential clients recognise you as someone that understands their core problems and has the solution that they want. In other words when you get the marketing message right, clients will WANT to buy from you and you won’t need to push them to buy. Wouldn’t that make life simpler?

Fabienne also explains the importance of making your marketing message crystal clear because “a confused mind never buys”.

This is an excellent marketing video that explains why people will buy from you and the importance of tightly defining your ideal client as well as tips to help you identify the ideal client. Fabienne has a lovely friendly manner which is easy to listen to and she has a genuine love for marketing and people that makes this video a pleasure to watch.

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“7 Simple Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read” by Ali Brown

“7 Simple Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read” by Ali Brown

Many of us have had to write an article at one time or another, be it for a blog or a newsletter. But no matter the purpose, it’s your responsibility to make it interesting—otherwise no one will read it. (Except you.)

So how can you make your article interesting and engage your reader?

It’s all about the ANGLE.

First pick your topic. For example, let’s say your topic is something many people would consider boring… “microwaves.” What aspect of microwaves do you want to write about? Is there anything new or sexy in the world of microwaves that people are interested in?

Some ideas: how the new generation of microwaves helps retain more nutrients more than ever, OR, an overview of the best five brands of microwaves on the market, OR what the best type of microwave for your particular diet and lifestyle. These are all angles.

Below, are seven article “formulas” to get you started on angle ideas and get your creative juices flowing. (Some elements of each may overlap with each other, but each formula is truly a distinct animal.)

1. The How-To

How-to articles lead the reader step-by-step through reaching an objective. They sometimes offer resources throughout that the reader can go to for more detailed information.

If you want to use this formula, think about what expertise you have to share and turn that subject into an interesting how-to for readers.

Examples: “How to Use Email to Double Your Revenues,” “How to Find the Best Dress for Your Figure,” and “How to Promote Your Business for Free.”

2. The List

This is one of the most basic formulas and the easiest to write. Give a short one or two paragraph intro, then launch right into your list. Keep each item to a few sentences max. People love numbers, so number your list and give your total number in the title. (You may have noticed that the article you’re reading right now is following the LIST format.)

Examples: “31 Ways to Organize Your Office,” “15 Tips for Pain-Free Feet,” “Five Reasons Management Won’t Be the Same in 2001″

3. The “Straw Man”

Here you set up a premise and knock it down, showing the benefits of your alternative view or approach. This is ideal to use when you’re discussing the drawbacks of a new practice or method that’s controversial right now.

Example: We often see on the covers of health magazines: “Are High Protein Diets the Key to Fast Weight Loss?” You get all excited, thinking you’ve discovered an amazing dieting revelation. But the article reveals, point by point, that high protein diets are unsafe for the long term, and that, of course, the only reliable way to lose weight is through diet and exercise.

4. The Mini Case Study

Raise a provocative question and then answer it with three or four real-life examples.

Example: For an article titled, “Should You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance?” you could begin with a few stats on how today’s workforce is leaving the corporate world in search of solo bliss. Then you could feature a few real cases, each with different outcomes to show all sides of the issue.

5. The Interview

Choose a credible expert to interview for your article. Present it in either a traditional article format or do a Q&A format.

Example: If your topic is the latest trends in banking, you could interview a top banking industry analyst.

6. The Trend

Trends aren’t just for fashion! Whenever a trend sweeps a certain profession, you’ll suddenly see dozens of articles covering the topic. From the latest hairstyle to the latest tax shelter, people want to know all about these trends—their origins, benefits, and drawbacks.

7. The Study Finding

These articles report the results of a study or survey. If you do a bit of research, you can probably dig up a recent study on which you can base your article.

Example: “Real Estate Back on the Upswing in Atlanta,” “Aquatic Frogs Now Deemed America’s Favorite Pet,” and “More 40-Somethings Finding Love Online.

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How to Write a Sales Letter That SELLS by Ali Brown

No matter what type of business you’re in — you’ve probably faced the challenge of trying to sell your products and services online. Maybe you have a brief description and hope the picture sells itself. Or maybe you went a little further, listing a few paragraphs, the price, and a few testimonials.

If you’re not getting the response you were expecting, it might be time try something new. And a VERY effective tool to sell online is to create a special sales page w/ a “slippery slope” sales letter.

Remember that game Chutes & Ladders? If you landed on a space that had a chute on it, you just went down. No turning back. That’s how your sales letter should be — a “slippery slope” that pulls in the reader because it’s so compelling and interesting.

Here’s a basic outline of the 13 elements you want to include in your sales letter. (To see an example of them all in action, visit the sales page for my program called “24-7 Web Sales: Get More Leads and Clients Online at Little to No Cost”.

1. Limit your navigation.

Your web visitors should not be distracted by links that take her to your bio, other products, etc. The idea is to keep her on this page, reading your copy, focused, and inviting her to order.

2. Give a powerful headline.

Your headline can make or break your sales. If it’s not compelling, your visitor will click away. Here’s an easy headline formula: “How to _________ so you can ____________.” Make sure the second part gives a big benefit, for example, “double your business” or “gain peace of mind.”

3. Discuss the problem the prospect has, or incorporate your own story.

Marketers call this “pushing the ‘ouch’ button.” First discuss the problem or pain that the reader has, and then lead in to how your product will solve it. Or share your own failure-to-success story that the reader can empathize with.

4. Tell us who you are.

If I’m going to buy your stuff, I’d like to know why you’re qualified to sell what you’re selling. Give me the feeling that you’ve learned a lot about this topic and want to share it with me.

Add a picture, video, or audio message to help the reader instantly feel like she knows you better, increasing the “trust factor.” And people buy from those they feel they know, like, and trust!

5. Use bullets like mini headlines.

Lay out everything I’ll get from your product. Don’t just list your table of contents verbatim! Turn each point into an exciting secret. For example, suppose your e-book features five tips on how to save money on groceries. That bullet could read, “Revealed: 5 ways you can save hundreds of dollars on your monthly grocery bill.”

6. List plenty of testimonials.

Show your prospects they won’t be the first to buy. It’s more effective to weave-in testimonials throughout your sales letter than to have a separate section for them. Give each person’s full name and Web address, and for extra power, post their photo, and an audio or video testimonial as well.

7. Tell us why your product is such a great value.

How does the price of your product compare if I hired you one-on-one? For example, your manual is a great value at $49 if an hour consultation with you would run me $250.

8. Throw in a few great bonuses.

Offer special bonuses (preferably created by you) that are so good you could sell them alone if you wanted to. It could be a list of resources, a collection of articles, a complimentary product, extra tips on a certain subject, or a free consultation.

9. Give a guarantee.

This puts your prospect at ease, giving her no reason to NOT buy. The amount of sales you GAIN from this strategy dramatically outweighs the risk. What, and how, and how long you guarantee can depend on many factors.

10. Request immediate action by having a limited time offer.

Some sales pages use trick scripts to make it seem like the offer always ends on that day at midnight, but I find these insulting. If you really will be raising your price soon (and you always should be), list the exact date and stick to it. Otherwise just say it’s an introductory, limited-time offer.

11. Make it ABSURDLY CLEAR what to do next.

Nothing bothers me more than when I’m at a Web site, I have my credit card ready, and I can’t find the order link! Make your order process idiot-proof. Example: “Click below to order now.” Also, you may even sprinkle in order links throughout your page—some people will be ready to buy before they get to the bottom.

12. Make one last plea.

In your P.S., right after your signature, emphasize that I should act now. For example, “Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Remember, you can buy now and change your mind at anytime.”

13. Don’t forget your contact information!

Readers WILL have questions, so provide an e-mail address on your site that you or someone else will check at least daily. Also, don’t you feel better buying from a Web site that lists a real address and phone number?


Your sales page is just one component of a successful, revenue-generating website. And if you’d like to learn how to transform EVERY page of your website into a fully functioning SALES machine, then don’t miss my “24-7 Web Sales” program.

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